Considering that Adam took over 130 pictures of London restaurants we ate at, it was only natural that we start chronicling our thoughts and opinions about the food we eat. We've totally become accidental foodies. It all started out when Sheila started calling Adam "the human trash compactor"; since he eats almost anything. But somewhere along the way we started having discussions about food and seeking out culinary adventures when on travel. We bring a unique perspective to this arena as we're both vegetarians (no meat, poultry, or fish). I suspect we will both have varying opinions on the food, and hope to not only have a record for posterity, but provide some fun, useful if not amateur insight.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Brunch at Serpentine in The Dogpatch

The Dogpatch neighborhood is at the heart of gentrification phenomena sweeping through San Francisco. Located below Mission Bay, it's home to Piccino and Long Bridge along with cult-following SF-made Rickshaw Bagworks. The sky high real estate market has made this neighborhood much sought after, especially with its convenient access to SOMA and the freeways.

On Memorial Day for brunch, we decided to try one of the new spots called Serpentine. Part of choosing Serpentine was the ease of finding parking, takes reservations, and ability to take our new son there. So yes, this is an infant friendly spot as the waitress seated us in a cozy booth with ample room for our car seat just across from the bar. All in all the wait staff were serviceable and attentive.

The interior of Serpentine is very industrial loft like, large two story paneled windows, exposed concrete columns / beams, dark wood tables / booths, aged lanterns w/ edison bulbs. I could totally move in! The brunch menu is full of typical favorites, from scrambles and pancakes to sandwiches and salads. We decided on the following items, all very reasonable priced given the portions.

Buckwheat Pancakes ($11) - two fluffy cakes topped with blueberries, strawberries, bananas, candied walnuts, maple syrup, and whipped cream. This was a hearty dish easy enough to share if you get the double stack. Even though there were fruits, syrup, and cream, the pancakes were not overly rich. The flavor balance was spot on with the earthy pancakes, fresh fruits, crunchy walnuts, and sweet syrup. Despite the use of buckwheat, the pancakes retained a really nice fluffy texture, and I especially enjoy the slightly charred crunchy edges. A standout dish that we would order again.

Buttermilk Biscuit ($2.50) - a square moist biscuit block with a char grilled exterior topped with homemade butter and raspberry jam. Surprised by the portion size (3x3x3), the biscuit could have been a dish all to its own! The inside was moist and steamy, the exterior had been quickly charred on the grill which I thought was a really nice touch. There was a hint of corn and some salt within the batter, which enhanced the flavors. The butter and jam were fresh and natural sweet. This is a great side dish to share.

Crispy Potatoes ($3.50) - triangle wedges lightly fried served with homemade ketchup. Overkill on our part given the portion size of the pancakes and biscuit. The potatoes tasted fine and it was the only savory element to our meal. I happen to like my potatoes crispy so you get all the crunchy edges. That being said, we'd pass on this dish going forward.

Overall, Serpentine is a great new addition to the SF brunch dining said. Of course they do also serve lunch and dinner; which I can only imagine would be a great atmosphere. Perhaps we'll try it one evening. Serpentine get a solid 7.5 out of 10.